• Creator Stories: Sarah Bodner

    About the Creator:
    Sarah Bodnar is a stay-at-home mom living in Plattsburgh, NY with her two small kiddos and husband. She graduated from Huntington University with a BS in Digital Media Art: Animation in 2012. In 2014 she began Smelly Faces from her bedroom in a small apartment.

    She has a supr...

  • So You Want to Make a Game

  • Hollywood Etiquette 101

    1 season

    Join film executive Jessica Rose in conversation with Hollywood insiders on what it takes to make great first impression, making the most of opportunities that come your way and more! From learning the ins and out of introducing yourself, to learning to pivot from your current career into enterta...

  • Greenlit
    1 season


    1 season

  • Service From Hell - Happy Hour!

    1 season

    About Service From Hell - Happy Hour
    A derivative of the popular customer service based podcast, “Service From Hell,” “Happy Hour” is where host Kate Gaffney takes a deeper dive into the lives of guests who now have found success in the entertainment industry (but only after they have had multipl...

  • Q&A With Mikey Neumann

    1 season

    Join game writer, YouTube creator, and story expert Mikey Neumann as he answers questions from the Aha community in this two part Q&A. In addition to founding the Filmjoy channel on YouTube, Neuman worked as a writer and creative director on video games such as Borderlands Borderlands 2, and Brot...

  • Filmmaking for Beginners

    1 season

    About the creator:
    Alana Marie is a storyteller and digital content creator from St. Louis, MO. Her passion for storytelling stems from her belief in everyone having a story, everything having a meaning, and every experience serving a purpose.

    Alana recently completed production of her first fe...

  • Origin Stories: Nalini Sharma

    About the Creator:
    NALINI SHARMA spent her childhood on several naval bases in India and grew up in several small towns in the US. She was raised by an untrained Doberman, has survived more than one motorcycle accident, the pain and joy of a “passionate” family, a competitive academic education,...

  • Breath of the Wild is a Masterpiece

  • Creative Q&A with Artist Bryan Moss

  • Joyy Norris on Film Programming

    About the Creator:
    Joyy Norris is a Chicago born and reared writer, film programmer and filmmaker. Her work is significantly influenced by her identity as a Black American woman invested in discovering solutions to the issues that plague society through art and conversation. She finds value in

  • The Story of Star Trek

  • Strange Legacy of Dune

  • My First Feature

    About the Creator:
    Shuling Yong is a Singapore-born, Chicago-based documentary filmmaker, DP and Location Sound Recordist with over a decade of experience. She has worked on films like Becoming (Netflix, 2020, dir. Nadia Hallgren), The Feeling of Being Watched (Tribeca, 2018, dir. Assia Boundaoui...