DIFF 2020

DIFF 2020

32 Episodes

Creator talks, panel discussions and more from filmmakers at the 2020 Dayton Independent Film Fest.

The Dayton Independent Film Festival celebrates regional filmmaking and stories from Midwestern filmmakers who offer their unique vision. We believe that through impactful storytelling, we can increase empathy, understanding and a sense of discovery. Our goal is to provide a platform to foster dialogue and reflection with an abundance of passion and creativity. DIFF 2020 showcases a wide variety of voices from established professionals, emerging filmmakers and students who offer their experience and expertise in these DIFF Interviews.

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DIFF 2020
  • DIFF 2020 - Tate

    Episode 1

    About the film:
    The difficult yet redemptive story of a young man from Indianapolis. Nothing was going to stop him from making his mom proud.

    Dir. Austin Tobey

  • DIFF 2020 - TMI Q&A

    Episode 2

  • DIFF 2020 - Redacted

    Episode 3

    About the film:
    In this short essay-style documentary, a Black filmmaker reflects on present-day struggles of marginalized people on a tour devoted to challenging conventional historical narratives through the legacy of a slave revolt.

    Dir. Naeema Jamilah Torres

  • DIFF 2020 - How Is This The World Q&A

    Episode 4

    About the film:
    A mother recruits a burned-out hacker to help search for her son in a virtual world.

    Dir. Sadie Rogers

  • DIFF 2020 - Rear View Q&A

    Episode 5

    About the film:
    To process the death of his wife, a grieving husband embarks on a road trip with his daughter to the place where it all began, the place where he and his wife fell in love.

    Dir. Steve Kniss

  • DIFF 2020 - White Whale

    Episode 6

    About the film:
    An experimental short documentary film about the connection between racism, misogyny, and America's mass shooting epidemic.

    Dir. Ella Price

  • DIFF 2020 - The Suicide of Lillian Sellers Q&A

    Episode 7

    After the unexpected suicide of his cousin, a man investigates the mysterious circumstances.

    Dir. R.D. Womack II

  • DIFF 2020 - Quiet on Set Q&A

    Episode 8

    About the Film:
    An actress assaulted on a film set during the filming of a sex scene, must choose whether to
    pursue accusations or complete the film that could start her career.

    Dir. Jeanette Buck

  • DIFF 2020 - The Orchestra Q&A

    Episode 9

    About the film:
    A young woman is haunted by an undead orchestra when she finds herself alone in an empty

    Dir. Curtis Matzke

  • DIFF 2020 - Zenobia in Chains

    Episode 10

    About the film:
    While working the night shift in a convenience store, Zenobia is visited by two strangers and must decide if she's a nice girl or not.

    Dir. Erin Gregory

  • DIFF 2020 - Secouer Q&A

    Episode 11

    About the film:
    A dancer struggles between her passion of contemporary dance and her chronic epilepsy. Through her unhealthy coping mechanisms, she has to explore the relationships between art, the artist, and the audience.

    Dir. Adnan Siddique

  • DIFF 2020 - Where We've Been

    Episode 12

    About the film:
    A woman dedicates her life to remembering the past, but now as dementia fogs her memory her life's work bears the risk of being forgotten.

    Dir. Ashley Brandon

  • DIFF 2020 - Out and Back Q&A

    Episode 13

    About the film:
    A runner sets out for an anxiety liberation run at dusk. She's not the only one. A remarkable encounter reveals the power of pain and unspoken camaraderie.

    Dir. Jake Weber

  • DIFF 2020 - Pasture

    Episode 14

    About the film:
    Banished and "unnatural", Levis and Giles must learn to adapt to a the secular world.

    Dir. Graham Holford

  • DIFF 2020 - What Tiger Wishes Q&A

    Episode 15

    About the film:
    A little girl draws images of an idealized reality to escape her troubled childhood and broken family.

    Dir. Chris T.W. Anderson

  • DIFF 2020 - My Brother's Keeper

    Episode 16

    About the film:
    Cole, a boxer, is responsible for his younger brother Keegan, but underground fighting is a tough way to pay the bills. When complications arise, Cole has to decide whether to fight for what he believes in most.

    Dir. Landry Long

  • DIFF 2020 - LinkT

    Episode 17

    About the film:
    LINKt, to put it simply, is about the relationship between a Black woman and a white woman. Performed and co-directed by Joy-Marie Thompson and Sherah Shipman, the two women use an orange rubber band that is tied by their waists to represent the power struggles, differences in pr...

  • DIFF 2020 - Over & Over Q&A

    Episode 18

    About the film:
    A surreal conversation between an up and coming director and two mysterious producers.

    Dir. Wyatt Key

  • DIFF 2020 - Just for Now Q&A

    Episode 19

    About the film:
    Abigail is a young woman in college who struggles with a life-defining issue that she wishes to keep hidden from those around her, fearing that the release of her secret could compromise who she is.

    Dir Miles Hall

  • DIFF 2020 - License & Registration

    Episode 20

    About the film:
    Elliott Nelson, a cop impersonator with good intentions, makes his first traffic stop.

    Dir. Jackson Ezinga

  • DIFF 2020 - NOISE Q&A

    Episode 21

    About the film:
    An experimental documentary of a photographer with schizophrenia discusses his love for the medium and how it aids his illness.

    Dir. Mickey Staver

  • DIFF 2020 - Kellan Adventures on the Spectrum

    Episode 22

    About the film:
    Kellan is a happy 4-year-old who loves Toy Story, swinging, and playing with his brothers. But Kellan is different from other 4-year olds. He is autistic.

    Dir. Patrick Enright

  • DIFF 2020 - Dayton's Darkest Summer Q&A

    Episode 23

    About the film:
    During the summer of 2019, Dayton, Ohio faced multiple tornadoes ravaging the city and a mass shooting in the span of 68 days.

    Creators: University of Dayton Documentary Production Course

  • DIFF 2020 - DIVISION Q&A

    Episode 24

    About the film:

    A mockumentary set in an alternate world where humans reproduce through body wide division that follows one man's journey through his reproduction process.

    Dir. Jonathan Reser