Service From Hell - Happy Hour!

Service From Hell - Happy Hour!

5 Episodes

About Service From Hell - Happy Hour
A derivative of the popular customer service based podcast, “Service From Hell,” “Happy Hour” is where host Kate Gaffney takes a deeper dive into the lives of guests who now have found success in the entertainment industry (but only after they have had multiple customer service jobs). Some of the guests even worked these jobs in between gigs or whilst actually already on TV!

“Happy Hour” is a limited, inspirational video series to get to know the regular podcast guests a bit better and to be able to ask more entertainment specific questions. The largest through lines for all of these guests seem to be; your passion is your actual forever job, and “no Plan B” to find success and never have to serve another burger again.

About the host:
Originally from Ohio, Kate Gaffney has lived in Los Angeles for over a decade. In that time, she has had far too many customer service jobs and has a lot of stories as a result. Kate is currently employed (pre-COVID) at one of the largest and busiest comedy clubs in the country and has access to many comics who used to work in customer service (or who still do) as a result. The idea for “Service From Hell” was born after she had enough of being dragged through the mud by customers and knew she wasn’t the only one that felt that way, so she wanted to talk about it.

Kate is the creator, writer, producer, and host of, “Service From Hell.”

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Service From Hell - Happy Hour!
  • LIsa Curry

    Episode 1

    About the guest:
    Lisa Curry is a comic and TV writer from Cedar Lake, Indiana. Lisa now calls both LA and NYC home. Starting at The Second City Hollywood and then expanding to an international tour, Lisa is a sought after comedian that barely has time to sleep. In the summer of 2019, she complete...

  • Jay Light

    Episode 2

    About the guest:
    Originally from Dallas, Jay Light is a stand up comic, TV writer, and a producer for shows you already watch and love. Jay can be seen (pre-COVID) touring the LA comedy clubs and has toured all over the country. He also was featured at South by Southwest. If you live in LA or hav...

  • Brandie Posey

    Episode 3

    About the guest:
    Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Brandie Posey is a stand up comedian, writer, and producer who now calls LA's comedy scene home. She has been featured as a performer at the Bentzen Ball, New York Comedy Festival, and RIOT Comedy Festival, to name a just a few of the many. Sh...

  • Dwayne Colbert Happy Hour

    Episode 4

  • Earl Skakel Happy Hour

    Episode 5