The Ashe Academy

The Ashe Academy

5 Episodes

What better way to learn more about one another than to talk about experiences in depth? Join the Ashe Academy in this curated series from the Ashe Academy podcast, for discussions about the things that matter to our community at large.

About the Ashe Academy
We work to bridge the gap between representation and access to education for students of color pursuing the ARTS and STEM fields through scholarships, mentorship, and parental engagement, helping to facilitate the transition from student to professional.

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The Ashe Academy
  • Ashe Academy MOC in Art & FIlm

    Episode 1

    Now it's time for us to have a chat with Men of Color (MoC) in the Film & Television Industry. This engaging conversation is full of multihyphenate artists featuring Jonathan Park, Mano Alexandre Jr., Marc Reign, Christopher Alvarez, Robert "RJ" Beale, and Kalif Fuller. We explore the imp...

  • Ashe Academy WOC in Film & TV

    Episode 2

    This week we're highlighting Women of Color (WoC) in the Film & Television Industry. This was an incredible conversation with some distinguished artists, Victoria Page, Jordana David, Lilian Manansala, Naeema Jamilah Torres, and Stacey Evans Morgan. We discuss how each guest broke into the...

  • Ashe Academy Illustrating Representation

    Episode 3

    Such a pleasure having another friend of the foundation join us, Jacqui C. Smith, Burbank, California based Illustrator discusses the importance of your support system, be it family or peers. Additionally, we explore the significance of showing up in terms of representation.

  • Ashe Academy Saved By the Arts

    Episode 4

    Talk about a must watch episode! This week we're joined by Phabian Mitchell, the best selling author of When Arts Are Involved and When Hearts Are Involved Atonement, parody voiceover actor and executive producer. We discuss Phabian's journey through the writing and performing arts, plus w...

  • Ashe Academy Faith & Artistry

    Episode 5

    Meet a dear friend of the foundation, Vegaz Taelor! In this episode we chat with Vegaz Taelor and discuss his journey to music, visual arts, and the impact faith has on his artistry.