The VIPs of Self-Publishing

The VIPs of Self-Publishing

5 Episodes

Join independent publisher and founder of Vantage Inhouse Victor Dandridge in this series of talks about the IP, self-publishing and all of the nuances leading to successfully self-publishing.

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The VIPs of Self-Publishing
  • Ideas vs. Story

    Episode 1

    Idea vs Story - Getting over the conceptual hump: Ideas are great, but the real value is in the execution. How do you turn an amazing idea into a tangible creation?

  • Indie V Indy

    Episode 2

    Indie vs Indy - Style informs marketability: Understanding the types of comics you want to make, gives you insight to the readers you hope to entice. Who is your audience?

  • Know Your Budget

    Episode 3

    Know Your Budget - Working WITH collaborators: It’s not a matter of who’s more important, but how you can work together (creatively AND fiscally), to create a sum that’s better than the parts.

  • Merch!

    Episode 4

    Merch! - Branding: Knowing what to sell, when to sell, how to sell and to whom you’re selling will give you trackable measures for success.

  • Expectations

    Episode 5

    Expectations - In the conclusion to this series, we dig into setting goals I.e. Make sensible goals; achieve them; REPEAT!